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About Dom

Who is Dom anyway?

I’m Dominik “Dom” Hamann, and while I could pretend I’m a “Self-made Full Stack Engineer and hands-on Big Data specialist with 12 years experience and innovation in building Web & Mobile Platforms”, I guess I’m just a decently smart software developer without a completed degree who likes finding elegant solutions to hard problems. I’m okay at management as well, but in the end I’m the “consider-it-done” guy with a pretty pragmatic and low-bullshit attitude and work best with people who are just as direct and humorous as I am. On a professional side, I’m currently focusing on topics like globally distributed tracking and matching systems from DNS to Dashboard and shared-nothing architectures in Node.JS, Coffeescript, Cassandra & Redshift – and I like it.

Why Distributed?

I must admit I’ve got a knack for tersity and expressiveness, so I asked myself what single word I’d put on a bottle containing my professional personality. In the end I settled for “distributed”, because that’s who I am. I’m not just into distributed systems, but also distributed into most diverse topics and worlds. The rare breed who’s just as interested in startup financing and marketing as in the system implementation itself. And that’s just startups and doesn’t even include me being distributed in writing film music, astronomy and high-profile party crashing. In every good and bad way imagineable, I’m not a specialist but a generalist and rather bite too much off a chunk than delegating stuff away – guess I’m just too curious. As long as people still hire me, I can live with it.


Lead Architect at Trademob, Berlin, Germany. The one-stop shop for mobile advertising. Check it out – we’re hiring (then again: who isn’t?)

Inspired by:

Richard Feynman. Joel Spolsky. Elon Musk. Leo Babauta. Dan Millman.

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I don’t twitter, sorry. Either I don’t get it or I just have a mental problem with the whole “following” mentality. I like to work on par with people.


Opinions voiced in this blog are solely my own and need not express the opinions of my employer, colleagues, clients, associates, readers and their spouses. No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.